The motorcycle is still the same but the direction may change

It has been an extremely long time since I posted anything and I apologize for that. Between work, life on an old farm and little league ballgames (of which my son talked me into coaching) I seem to find time not to write. But that’s changed for the moment.

When I started out this blog I thought I would approach it from the viewpoint of life on the seat of a motorcycle. Being one who is inclined to social and political commentary I thought I would try to keep it focused on the social and away from the political. However, as time marches on I realize that won’t always be the case — I’m afraid the politics in me will come out. You see when one rides a motorcycle one has a great deal of time for thinking. Now-a-days with the introduction of MP3 players I could don a pair of earbuds and tune into my favorite podcast or listen to music via radio or ripping. In fact, some of the fancier motorcycles come with radio/CD players installed. One friend had a BMW motorcycle that featured a 5 CD player. But all those devices are an annoyance in my opinion. I have to play my MP3/radio so loud to get over the road noise that it hurts my ears. So I go without.

As a result, the only audio stimulation I get is the road noise, the growl of the engine and the wind rushing by. This lack of “outside interference” gives one a great deal of space to think. That’s where the primordial soup of my social and political commentaries begins to bubble.

Now let it be know that, in the interest of full disclosure, I tend to be more liberal in my thinking. But that doesn’t mean that I adhere to all things liberal, I’m still very pragmatic in my approach to life and politics. And when it comes to social commentary, well let’s just say that nobody and nothing is sacred — if it bears worth commentary, I will usually have an opinion. Oh, in the further interest of full disclosure, I don’t really care if you disagree with my opinion — that’s why it’s called an opinion. However, as a budding, online blogging journalist, I do try to maintain a high degree of integrity. I will honestly not report something that I can’t verify through facts. That’s how it should be in journalism. Read into this, if you want, I won’t be imitating a Fox News broadcast or some of the muckraking, yellow journalists they employ. And it won’t be Air America either.

So where does that leave me politically and socially? I try to be fair to both sides of an issue, although when it comes to stupid people doing stupid things I will tend to be more sardonic then not.


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